Frog Eat Frog

Frog Eat Frog is an independent publisher based in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in progressive contemporary fiction and non-fiction, particularly those titles which might not attract the attention of larger commercial publishers with a marketing mandate for topicality. We believe that a healthy publishing industry is dependent on a culture of quality rather than celebrity, and dedicate the bulk of our operating budget to supporting talented authors who write intelligent, engaging books.

Booksellers and other resellers are invited to set up an account and order directly from our website. Readers wishing to purchase a single copy of any Frog Eat Frog title may also order directly from us if unable to obtain a copy through local booksellers or online retailers who carry our titles. We will invoice business customers, and accept credit cards from consumers.

Frog Eat Frog titles are currently carried by prominent retailers such as and Borders Books. To become a Frog Eat Frog reseller, please apply now.
Frog Eat Frog offers competitive discounts for booksellers, libraries, wholesalers, distributors and other resale partners. To order, please register for an account.