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Services for Resellers

The Frog Eat Frog website allows resellers like bookstores, libraries and distributors to place orders instantly online, then track those orders through the fulfillment process. To begin using this website, please take a moment to create an account. Resellers are also welcome to order with a purchase order sent through the mail. Please ensure that your purchase order provides billing and shipping information, cites specific titles by ISBN (either ISBN-10 or ISBN-13) and offers guidance on how to handle titles which are out of stock or awaiting publication.

Our fulfillment process may take up to several weeks, depending on title availability. To track the status of your order, please log in to your account. If an order seems to be taking an unreasonably long time, please contact us for a more detailed status.

Frog Eat Frog offers competitive returnable and non-returnable discounts on most titles. We will also consider volume discounts on non-returnable titles; please inquire.
Frog Eat Frog offers competitive discounts for booksellers, libraries, wholesalers, distributors and other resale partners. To order, please register for an account.