Frog Eat Frog
Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Frog Eat Frog provides authors a unique opportunity to work with a publisher exclusively committed to the printed word rather than the whims of the marketplace. Although many literary publishers are compelled to prioritize marketability when evaluating prospective manuscripts, Frog Eat Frog has embraced a different business model by utilizing recent refinements in POD (print on demand) technology. By minimizing our production overhead, we're able to support a larger and broader selection of books, and invest in "long tail" titles that might otherwise have been abandoned at the transom by larger commercial publishing houses.

This is mind, there are several considerations a prospective Frog Eat Frog author should bear in mind when sending us a manuscript.

  1. Frog Eat Frog constantly strives to minimize costs and retain a focus on quality publishing. This means that although we are able to publish a broader range of authors, the benefits of publishing through Frog Eat Frog are often sadly non-renumerative! While we offer extremely an extremely competitive royalty structure, we do not pay advances nor do we employ a team of marketing professionals to put your book in front of retailers and consumers. Please consult our FAQ to find out exactly what we can do to promote your work. Ultimately, we rely on the author's time, commitment and enthusiasm to help sell our titles.

  2. Because our publishing process is based on POD technology, we've happily abandoned the notion of a "print run." We currently have relationships with two leading U.S.-based POD vendors which allow us to print books as they're ordered and have thereby eliminated the need for overstock or remainders. Unfortunately, with POD technology still in its infancy, production costs are higher than we'd like and have limited our ability to reduce the retail price of our books. (This also limits our ability to provide free author or reviewer copies.) We believe this cost structure is temporary, and chose to embrace POD technology at this time because the quality of manufacturing is now comparable (or better) than seen in many other conventional printing technologies.

  3. Frog Eat Frog authors work closely with our editorial staff to prepare manuscripts for production. The bulk of our editorial efforts are syntactic rather than substantive; if we feel there are substantive issues with your work, we'll recommend that you develop further as a writer or pursue another publisher relationship.

  4. At this time, Frog Eat Frog is considering only literary fiction and nonfiction. Although we hope to publish further photographic monographs and other art titles in the near future, the cost of producing these titles has so far proven a challenge.


Please query via email. If selected to submit, you will be provided with a mailing address.

Your query should explain the project in clear and concise language; avoid teasing promotional copy and grandiose ambition. Please cite any publication credits.


Please query first.

Although you are welcome to send only the first couple chapters of your book once your query has been approved, we strongly prefer to receive the entire manuscript. Manuscripts should follow standard industry format (double-spaced on suitably heavy white 8-1/2x11" paper with at least a 1" margin on all sides, single-sided, non-justified, numerically paginated, utilizing a simple serif font like Times New Roman; no faded photocopies or onionskin, please).

Although we prefer to reply by email, we will respond via SASE if so desired (providing suitable Canadian postage or IRCs are enclosed). We do not return manuscripts, so please don't ship us your only copy; all manuscripts are recycled immediately following evaluation.

Manuscripts must be delivered by regular mail. No couriers, registered mail or in-person drop-offs, please.

We do not accept electronic submissions at the evaluation stage of the publishing process, but require that authors selected for publication provide their manuscript in Microsoft Word or Open Office format prior to editing.
Frog Eat Frog is accepting manuscripts. Please consult our submission guidelines.